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Ecomoney Insurance, incorporated in Oct -2006 aims to give the correct direction to its clients Financial Goals through well researched, unbiased, planned and client centric advice. Our team is well equipped to create tailor made plans according to each customer’s specific needs and wants.

We make a constant effort to truly understand the user and keep him and his interests at the center of all decision making so that he is the one who reaps the maximum benefit. Plan My Life is a team of financial advisors with extensive experience and credentials.

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Financial Planning

Ecomoney an Insurance Company. Together we have a long history of providing quality life insurance to the educational, medical, cultural, research communities, and general public.


Insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance company. The insured financial risk is covered by the insurance company & they charge you a nominal Insurance Premium.

Taxation Services

Ecomoney also provides extended services to your employees. Pioneer in e-filing of Income Tax Returns in India, PML now extends a blended service options to its customers.

NRI Consulting

Ecomoney also offer the entire gamut of financial planning and advisory services to NRIs as well and also provide additional services such as tax filing in India.

Why Choose Us

We have earned our customers’ trust

Together we have a long history of providing quality life insurance to the educational, medical, cultural, research communities, and general public.

Personalized Guidance and no pressure to buy

We have long subscribed to a different set of guiding principles. Our Insurance Representatives provide guidance focused on your needs, and never pressure you to buy.

Products prices are within budgets

we offer you a variety of term and permanent insurance products at affordable premiums.

High ratings and financial strength

We are one of the leading Insurance Brokers in Kolkata, India to hold the highest financial strength rating.

Identify Your Needs

I am welcoming a new child into my home

As a parent you probably have many dreams for your new child’s future. But how can you help ensure those dreams become a reality?

The cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 has increased to over Rs.250,000* — and that figure doesn’t include the cost of college. If something happened to you, is your family prepared? How would your child be supported financially?

In the event of your death, having adequate life insurance can help your family replace your income, help pay off the mortgage, and even provide money to help your children go to college.

I experienced the death of a loved one

Coping with the loss of a loved one makes us consider what would happen if it were us. This is an important time to review your existing life insurance coverage, particularly if the deceased person was the beneficiary of your policy.

You may want to name a new beneficiary or rethink your coverage amount. If the death of someone close to you has increased your financial responsibility, it’s important to assess your need for new, or additional, life insurance.

I am a single parent

If you’re single with children who depend on you, you need to be doubly sure you have enough life insurance coverage to help safeguard your children’s financial future. You’ll want to consider how much permanent or term life insurance you’ll need to pay for the home they live in, daily living expenses like food and clothing, and their college educations should something happen to you.

I just bought a new home

As the owner of a new home you’ve got a lot of new responsibilities and expenses. You also have a very big reason to reassess your life insurance coverage. If something were to happen to you, would your family be able to pay the mortgage without your income? Or would they be forced to move?

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